We have become consumers of stuff and created a throwaway culture. Our economy is based on the idea that economic growth reflects prosperity and that more is better. At one end, resources are exploited and at the other wasted – it’s a linear system.

Consuming sustainably means to reduce our consumption, choose ecological products, reuse and repair stuff and recycle as the final option. The idea is to create a circular economy.

  • Buy second-hand
  • When buying new, choose good-quality, long-lasting products
  • Ditch fast fashion and choose responsible clothes brands
  • Buy clothes made from organic cotton
  • Repair broken items. Consider getting it fixed even if it is the same prize as buying new. This way you can support a local business and a circular economy
  • Check what is recycled in your area and where
  • Recycle electronic items and batteries (small collection pots for batteries can be found in supermarkets)