About me

Sina Longman

I’m from Muelheim an der Ruhr in western Germany where I lived for the first 19 years of my life. When I grew up, I developed an interest for the environment and sustainability which led me to study geosciences, first in Aachen (Bachelor’s) and then in Potsdam (Master’s). In 2013, my final year of the Master’s, I went to Wellington, New Zealand to work on my dissertation. I still remember reading the news that carbon dioxide levels exceeded 400ppm for the first time, which made me wonder if this would make us finally act – it didn’t. In the same year, I went to Newcastle upon Tyne, UK to do a PhD in palaeoclimate science. There, I met my partner and now husband. We moved to Christchurch on the south coast in 2017 where we got married a few months ago on a beautiful sunny and cold November day.

Over the years, I have followed global efforts in addressing anthropogenic climate change and decided to reduce my own impact on this planet. I believe that the transformation to a sustainable global society requires change on various levels, including the governmental as well as the individual. I see climate change as a chance to change with it and create sustainable and fair societies.

Sina in Snowdonia National Park
Walking up Snowden in Snowdonia National Park, Wales