Reflections on 2018 and Resolutions for 2019

I hope you’ve all had a lovely 2018 and a good start into 2019. For me, the new year is already in full swing. I went back to work on the 2nd and moved house on the 5th. New year, new flat – and new resolutions?

I’m not the type for big New Year’s resolutions, but I like to challenge myself and try something new. A couple of years ago, I went vegan for two months, starting on the 1st of January. A few more years ago, I quit sugar for lent. Both made me more aware of what I eat and helped me to discover different foods. In 2019, I’d like to set myself some new little challenges.

But before taking on 2019, I’d like to look back on 2018. My family and I used to remember the highs and lows of every year at Christmas, a tradition I’d now like to continue with my husband. Reflecting on experiences helps me to make sense of and learn from them.

My two best times in 2018 were my 30th birthday get-together in March, topped only by my wedding in November. For my birthday, we stayed in the Peak District and were surprised by the Beast from the East.

For our wedding, the sun shined on a chilly November day and our friends came from all over the country (and some from abroad) to celebrate with us. It’s a day that will always stay in my heart, and will probably be the best day of my life.

My worst time, sandwiched in the middle, was my visit to the job centre in August. I felt defeated and hopeless and this was my last resort. In the same month, I was offered a job, and looking back I can see how unemployment affected my life and mental health.

2018 has taught me to not give up, and to enjoy what I have, wherever I am. Time was the one thing I had plenty of when I was unemployed and now I sometimes wish I had more of it. So, in 2019, I want to worry less about the future and enjoy more the here and now. I want to be more mindful with myself and the world around me.

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