Demanding and accepting change

Have you heard that a large proportion of the UK public is demanding action on plastic waste? Are you one of them? And if not, do you support it? Such news is a great example of what this blog stands for: everyone being able to make a difference. As individuals, we can refuse single-use plastic in our everyday lives, particularly when we go shopping. And when enough of us come together, we are not only changing our lives but also our societies.

Action on plastic waste is not only a great example of the impact of individual action, but also of systemic changes we need to implement to create a sustainable economic system. It’s not only about us saying no to single-use plastic, but also about producers changing the packaging their use, thinking about what happens to it at the end of its life cycle. Using more recycled and recyclable plastic will be important to create a circular economic system, one in which resources are reused and not wasted. Ultimately, these changes will affect us as we’ll be the ones who put the packaging into the bin or return it to a deposit station. So even if we’re not the ones demanding the change, it will be important that we accept it.

Plastic waste is not climate change but maybe we should think of CO2 molecules in the same way we think of microbeads. Neither are visible but both will stay in the environment for a long time and have an impact globally. I hope we will get there with climate change too and demand the same change we want to see to tackle plastic pollution.


Microbeads and CO2

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